Joint us at the Columbian Hall in Sierra Vista, Arizona for Bingo on Sunday and Wednesday evenings.  Doors open at 4:30PM, sales start at 5:30PM and Game Play starts at 7PM Sharp.  The Columbian Association offers the HIGHEST Coverall Jackpot prize in Cochise County.  ** $2,000.00 **  When our $2,000.00 Bonus Jackpot reaches 57 numbers or less to win, our sales start at 5PM.


Bingo Machines are available for a minimum game package purchase of $25.00.  Minimum package must include our 9ON

We offer three game pack sizes

3ON  = $10.00

6ON = $15.00

9ON = $20.00

We only have 60 Bingo Machines, so don’t come late.  We never run out of paper sales.  The 3ON, 6ON, and 9ON Packages have games 1 through 15, which includes two Coverall Jackpot games.  Our last game, game 16 is the Bonus Jackpot, that must be purchased separately for $2.00 per game sheet.

Extra game 8 and game 15 Cover Jackpot 3ON sheets are available for $1.00 per sheet.

We accept all debit and credit cards as well as cash.  We also offer cash back when you use your card.

During bingo sessions, we have an in-house Snack Bar operated by Nonni’s Taste of Sicily.  When the Snack Bar is open, we don’t allow food purchased outside the bingo hall to be brought in.  On those days that the Snack Bar may be closed, outside food will be allowed to be brought in.